Helpful Tips For Purchasing A Stretch Wrap Turntable

If your business wraps pallets or loads with stretch wrap, you could be thinking about investing in equipment that will help you do it better and more effectively. Because you have been thinking about this, you could potentially benefit from investing in a stretch wrap turntable. These tips can help you with making this purchase.

Realize Why a Stretch Wrap Turntable Is Worth the Purchase 

First of all, if your employees currently wrap pallets by hand, you might have never really had much of a problem with this job being done in this way. Because of this, you might not really think that a stretch wrap turntable is really worth the investment. If you want to wrap pallets more evenly, reduce waste of material, and make things easier for your employees, then a stretch wrap turntable is probably worth the investment.

Compare Horsepower

Stretch wrap turntables have small motors that allow the turntable to turn like it's supposed to. Some of these turntables move rather slowly and don't have a lot of horsepower. If you would like for your stretch wrap turntable to be usable at a faster speed, then you might need to find a stretch wrap turntable with more horsepower. Then, you can wrap pallets that much more quickly—which is a good way to increase efficiency for your business—and you can avoid worrying about the motor burning out prematurely from the added workload.

Compare Load Limitations

Stretch wrap turntables have load limitations related to height, width, and weight. You'll need to choose a stretch wrap turntable that can work for what you will be using it for.

Determine the Stretch Wrap You Need

Of course, before you can put the stretch wrap turntable to use, you will need to purchase stretch wrap. Find out about the type and size of stretch wrap that works with your particular stretch wrap turntable. Purchasing this stretch wrap in large rolls, if possible, is a good idea. Often, this is the most affordable way to purchase stretch wrap, and you can make sure that you have enough stretch wrap to wrap lots of pallets before running out.

Educate Your Employees

The employees who will be operating the turntable will need to know how to properly operate it. Additionally, since it is possible to get injured while working with a stretch wrap turntable, these employees will also need to learn about proper safety protocols to follow while working with the equipment.

Contact a local industrial equipment supplier to learn more about buying turntable wrapping equipment

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