Things To Consider When Replacing The Couplers On Specialty Layflat Hoses

Layflat hoses are used in many industries and are designed for transferring water and other liquids through them. The layflat hose coupling on each end of the hose does not lay flat and can be damaged and require replacement eventually, but the couplers are readily available and easy to change.

Layflat Hose Uses

Layflat hoses are commonly used in industries that need to transfer water and other liquids over a long distance. These hoses are designed for low-pressure, high-volume use so that they can move a lot of water or liquid, but the pressure remains low in the hose. 

Most layflat hoses have a PSI (pounds per square inch) capacity of less than fifty psi or around three and a half to four-bar. Because of the relatively low pressure on the line, the layflat hose couplings used on the hose can be held in place with simple clamps, allow easy repair to the hose if that or the coupler gets damaged in some way. 

Layflat Hose Couplings

When you need to replace a coupling on a layflat hose, you need to ensure that you get the right size coupler for the hose you are working with. Many of these hoses are often between two and a half and four inches in diameter, but there are hoses that are larger, so be sure you check the size of the hose you are working with. 

You can order the coupler for the hose size you have and will need to specify if you need the male or female fitting. The male fitting has threads or lugs on the outside, while the female coupler receiving the male and attachment points are inside the layflat hose coupler. 

The coupler should come with a hose clamp, and once the old fitting is removed, you can slide the hose over the barbed end of the new coupler and then install the new hose clamp. Do not reuse the old clamp if you have a new one because the old clamp could be stretched and hard to tighten.

Replacement layflat hose couplers are available in high-strength plastic and aluminum, but you need to use the same material on the hose already because coupling metal to plastic could damage the plastic fitting. If you are considering changing to aluminum fittings, you can replace all the fittings on your hoses so that they match and are compatible with each other. For more information, contact a company that provides layflat hose couplers.

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